Brenda Kenny


Brenda was the Manager of St Audoen’s Preschool/Childcare Service from 1987 -2019.

In March 1987 St Audoen’s Preschool first opened its doors to the families in our local area. Brenda recalls working from one room (the messy room) with 14 children. Over the years the service expanded and was allocated two more rooms, the old staff-room and the old cloakroom. In 1989 the Health Board provided funding for a second staff member and this enabled the service to grow further. The Pre-school became an integral part of the whole school.

Over the years hundreds of three year olds have taken their place in the play-based programme provided by Preschool. A vital part of Brenda’s success was the participation of  parents on their ‘Special Day’. These days provided great opportunities for Mammies and Daddies to see their little ones develop lots of new skills and prepare for their future in the National School.

Brenda recalls her many wonderful memories since 1987, not least the trips to the Zoo, the Farm and many other interesting places in Con Kennedy’s Bus.
The Pre-school was always magical place at Christmas when the excitement of Santa’s visit was almost to much to bear! But most of all, it’s the special moments that Brenda remembers fondly; the children’s joy from painting a picture, splashing in rain puddles in the yard or finding a beautiful leaf in the autumn time on the way to school.


Our Thanks


Brenda Kenny deserves so much thanks from our school community. Her Preschool, known as ‘Brenda’s was always a secure and caring environment for our families and children, full of love and kindness. Brenda worked so hard to foster strong partnerships with families, parents and those in our community. She was always hopeful for our school’s future and believed so strongly in the potential of this school, this community and all those in it.

Always on hand with great advice and a genuine listening ear, Brenda has supported many parents, teachers, staff members and student teachers along the way. Brenda, you have a heart full of compassion, positivity and knowledge. You will be missed greatly, but remembered fondly as you enjoy retirement.


Thank You!

June 2019