Reading Club

2St Audoen’s Reading Club originated in 2010 and was set up by Mr Harkin. The aim of the club is to welcome volunteers to our school who participate in Assisted Reading with our students.


Assisted Reading is a very simple but effective strategy, the student reads aloud while an accomplished reader follows along silently. If the student makes an error, the helping reader corrects the student error.

Our reading club takes place most mornings in a quiet location without too many distractions. Our lovely volunteers encourage our students to  “do your best reading”, we can often hear the children reading with great expression. Expression equals comprehension. Assisted reading is an easy method to learn and gives students valuable practice that can really boost their reading fluency.

We are so lucky to have such great friends from the Law Library and Flynn O’Driscoll Law Firm who come to read with our 3rd,4th and 5th classes. It is so interesting to meet professionals and hear about their busy jobs. Many of our friends have been coming to St Audoen’s for a long time and inspire us in so many ways.

The children love to attend the Reading Club and it instils a positive literacy experience in them in many ways:

  • The club allows for children to read a broad range of books
  • It encourages children to read for the story and enjoyment rather than just for word recognition
  • It gives the children confidence for tackling more difficult books
  • It helps children to enjoy reading aloud and reading for others
  • It provides the children with the opportunity to experience reading successfully

We love to welcome new friends into our school and appreciate their time and efforts very much. Ms Fleming now runs the Reading Club, if you would like to join us and become a volunteer please contact the school & ask for Ms Fleming.