Regulations & Dress Code

School Uniform:

School Management require all children to attending St Audoen’s NS wear the official school uniform.

Our school uniform is compulsory – each child will require a crested jumper and a crested school tracksuit.

The school uniform and tracksuit supplier is:

John Lawrence Clothing, 54 Thomas Street, Dublin 8  (01) 454 2656.

  • Blue Shirt/Grey Trousers/Grey Skirt & Blue T-Shirts are also required and can be purchased from John Lawrence Clothing or in any major Department Store. Children wear their uniform three days a week and a school tracksuit twice a week for P.E. You will be notified about PE days in September.
  • Children may wear any colour stockings/tights.
  • Children may wear any colour shoes/trainers, however the school advises against children wearing any type of heel to school. Ugg Boots are unsuitable for running around.

Student Presentation:

  • Students are expected to be neat, tidy and well groomed.
  • Dyed hair is not allowed.
  • Excessive wearing of earrings, chains, bracelets, facial piercings is not permitted in school or at any public school occasion.
  • False nails and nail extensions can lead to self injury and/or harm others. Students should do not wear false nails/nail extensions to school. However nail polish is permitted.


And Finally: It’s worth remembering that wearing a uniform makes all children equal. Children not only look smart in uniform but also neat and tidy. Our uniform represents our school.