Green School Committee

green-flagThe Green-Schools programme offers a flexible approach for schools to implement an environmental management system, based on the models of ISO14001 or EU EMAS – Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. The programme is based on continual improvement.


This year in St Audoen’s we are hoping to achieve our first Green Flag award. Over the past two years, all of our classes have been learning lots about their environment. Lots of interesting experts have visited our school and shared with us their knowledge on how to protect our world. We have made insect hotels and learned all about recycling. This year we are focusing on the theme of Litter & Waste. This means we will firstly quantify our impacts on the environment; the amount of waste we are producing and sending to landfill, the amount of paper we are consuming, what we are recycling, identify litter blackspots and work to improve on these aspects.

Ms Heffernan has established a Green Schools Committee in St Audoen’s with dedicated caretakers, cleaning staff and pupils; who together will endeavour to make our school more environmentally conscious and friendly. Thanks to Ms H and our great committee we are now recycling all our paper, cardboard, plastic, food waste, tissues and even our pencil sharpenings! We have been assessed by Dublin City Council and An Taisce and are awaiting news on the flag. We hope to hear in March.

Our Green Committee are:
Mason, Miller, Alex, Julia, Daniel, Jasek, Scott, Kenny, Savannah, Brooke, Troy, Iris, Ben, Ms Heffernan, Albert, Steve, Elaine and Liz.