Social Responsibility

In St Audoen’s NS we strive to encourage children to gradually develop their ability to show empathy, compassion, and social awareness.


The most powerful way to encourage socially responsible children is to first ensure that our children are nurtured and well cared for themselves. The second most powerful thing we can do is to model socially aware behaviour for children to see.

As children grow, their emotional sensitivity towards others deepens as they recognise that others may feel differently from their own feelings. This helps children to be able to consider more complex concepts like poverty and become increasingly interested and concerned about abstract topics – such as justice. We encourage our students to take into consideration circumstances, motivations, and intentions of other people; children can then fully appreciate the difficulties faced by those who suffer from hunger, homelessness, and oppression.

'Kindness in giving creates LOVE'

‘Kindness in giving creates LOVE’

In the last number of years we have raised money for the following wonderful charities:

  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Christmas Shoe Box Appeal
  • Childline
  • St Patricks’ Mental Health Services, James Street
  • Irish Cancer Society

‘A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference’