School Self Evaluation

4School Self Evaluation provides opportunities to schools to examine their own practice within their own context and to report on their strengths and areas for improvement to their own school community.


It brings benefits to teachers as they share experiences and ideas and helps them to become even more effective in our classrooms.

It brings benefits to pupils as they have a say in what works for them and what helps them to learn.

It brings benefits to the school as all teachers focus on the same small number of strategies for improvement.

SSE is part of a balanced and integrated approach to supporting better learning and teaching in the Irish school system. It is an integral part of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and will support schools in examining and reflecting on this aspect of their work in order to improve outcomes for pupils.

In St Audoen’s NS we are committed to our focus on teaching and learning and on improving outcomes for our pupils. We recognise that the school self-evaluation provides us with an opportunity to take responsibility for providing quality education for our pupils. This responsibility is shared by the whole school community; we involve our Board of Management, our principal, deputy principal and teachers, and where appropriate, parents and pupils, in the SSE process.

We annually develop a School Improvement Plan in order to maximise and improve our student’s learning.