Our City Garden

IMG_2531Although St Audoen’s NS is situated in the centre of Dublin city, we have worked hard to develop our green space and have created a City Garden at the front of our school.


Trees, shrubs and flowers provide different scents, textures, shapes, colours and sound and help stimulate sensory learning opportunities for our students. We also encourage bugs, birds and other wildlife into the environment and add to the diversity and further learning opportunities.

During the summer and early autumn we enjoy eating our own produce! We grow strawberries, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and lots more vegetables.

We are also very lucky to have some fairies living in our garden! Amongst the logs and toadstools you can spot some little fairies homes. They have created beautiful little houses in front of our school and have settled in very well. Follow the sound of the wind chimes and the water fountain and you might be lucky enough to spot one of the St Audoen’s fairies!