St Audoen'sat a Glance

St. Audoen's National School

Established in 1756, St Audoen's is firmly rooted in one of Ireland’s oldest communities. We are proud of our school and community, an area steeped in culture and tradition.

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ICT & Digital Learning

In St Audoen’s we have access to technologies that are transforming how we connect, learn, share, work and play in innovative and exciting new ways.

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Our Learning

We aim to provide a broad learning experience, encouraging a rich variety of approaches to teaching & learning that cater for the different needs of individual children.

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Healthy Lunches

At St Audoen's we provide healthy lunches for every child. Good nutrition is critical for children’s long and short term health, including physical and cognitive development.

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Sports & Activities

We regard participation in sport as highly valuable. Promoting student's physical development and well-being and also helping each student’s social integration.

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Our Core Values

St Audoen's Core Values are our central believes clearly understood and shared by every member of our school community.

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