Early Childhood Care

St Audoen’s Childcare Service is a TUSLA service of social care, based on the principals of Prevention, Partnership and Family Support.

The service was established by the Eastern Health Board in 1987, as primarily a health care service providing assistance in the field of early intervention, social inclusion, educational access and family support. Today we continue to share a commitment to improving outcomes for children, families and our community. The service has responsibility for early years education and family support services.

The Child and Family Agency is committed to providing high quality services to children and families at earliest opportunity across all levels of need. Our childcare service operates under the umbrella title of St Audoen’s PreSchool, and aims to work closely with families, outside agencies and professionals so that we can respond quickly to the needs of children. Early identification and provision of help by all of us at community level is in children’s best interests. Working in partnership is a very important aspect of this work, we are a professional service provider dealing with young people and youth services in collaboration with family support services; including Family Resource Centres, Area-based Childhood Programmes, Child and Family Support Network members & TUSLA Internal Family Support.

The service has close links and shares a campus with the National School, but is a separate entity funded by TUSLA with additional funding from the ECCE Scheme. The BOM of St Audoen’s NS oversees and monitors the service. Eilish Meagher operates the childcare service on behalf of TUSLA.

Children, young people and families will be at the heart of everything that we do. There will be a clear focus on the wishes, feeling, safety and well-being of children.

Child Protection Procedures & Children First Guidance, 2011 and legislation will always be followed.

Our Service Aims :

  • To provide a secure and caring environment for our families and children.
  • To foster strong partnerships with families, parents, community and other agencies/services.
  • To promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the child: health, physical, cultural, moral and intellectual.
  • To foster self-esteem and to help parents develop positive and secure relationships with their children.
  • To maintain a vision of hope for the future.

What we do:

  • We support and build upon family strengths and capacities.
  • We focus on improving outcomes for children and families.
  • A balanced approach will be struck between developing primary prevention and early intervention services whilst maintaining services at other levels of need.
  • We will be mindful of the latest research about what works well for families and what families need when we are planning and evaluating our service.

As a TUSLA agency we are committed to working in partnership with children, families, communities and other agencies – both statutory and community and voluntary.

Our staff promote human rights and social inclusion.

We are a Trauma Informed Organisation.

Please Note:

Service attendance does not guarantee admission to St Audoen’s NS, this is a provision of The Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018. Please see St Audoen’s Admission Policy for further info on school admission or contact hello@staudoens.ie.

    Personal Information

    Name of Child as on Birth Certificate:

    Sex of child:


    Date of Birth:

    PPS Number:

    Year to be Enrolled:

    Child's Address:


    Country of Birth:

    Has your child attended another childcare service?

    If YES: Name of Pre-School/Childcare Setting attended?

    Has Applicant siblings currently attending St Audoen’s NS:

    (If yes) Name:

    Has Applicant siblings who are Past Pupils of St Audoen’s NS

    (If yes)Name:

    Parents Details

    Mothers Details

    Mothers Name:

    Mothers Address:

    Contact Number:




    Fathers Details:

    Fathers Name:

    Fathers Address:

    Contact Number:




    Alternative Emergency Contact Name & Number: (Grandparent/Relation/Friend)

    Collection Detail:

    Besides Primary Carer/Guardian, who is permitted to collect your child from pre-school?

    Extra Contact 1 Name:

    Extra Contact 1 Contact Number:

    Extra Contact 1 Contact Relationship to Child:

    Extra Contact 2 Name:

    Extra Contact 2 Contact Number:

    Extra Contact 2 Contact Relationship to Child:

    If there is there anyone who is NOT permitted to collect your child please speak to staff members.

    Medical & Developmental Information

    Has your child received their Vaccinations/Immunisations?


    This information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

    Has your child had any of the following?


    Heart Condition

    Fits, fainting or blackouts



    Blood Disorder

    Allergies to any known drugs or medication

    Other Allergies (Materials/Creams/Insects)

    Does your child use any medication including inhalers, injections, creams, tablets, liquids...?

    If the answer to any of the questions above is YES please give details here.

    Does your child have any illness/condition that he/she is currently being treated for? Please give details here.

    Medication/Medical Treatment/ Dosage:


    Does he/she have a known visual problem?

    Does he/she wear glasses?


    Does he/she have intermittent ear problems?


    Please let us know of any dietary restrictions/food allergies your child may have:

    Has your child attended speech therapy?

    Has your child attended an Educational Psychologist?

    Has your child ever attended an Occupational Therapist?

    Has your child ever attended CAMHS?

    If you have answered Yes to any of the previous medical questions please give the details here:

    Are there any other details regarding your child’s development that you feel the school should be made aware of?

    Please note; withholding information regarding your child’s developmental or educational needs may affect your application. Please enclose any relevant reports or documents regarding the above.

    Please send any the following relevant reports and/or information you have regarding your child’s needs to info@staudoens.ie:

    Please ensure you have included the following with your application:

    1. Fully completed application form
    2. Copy of Birth Certificate
    3. Reports from previous pre-school (if applicable)
    4. Reports from relevant HSE/CAMHS/Medical & Support Services, if applicable

    Please note:

    Service attendance does not guarantee admission to St Audoen’s NS, this is a provision of The Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018. Please see St Audoen’s NS Admission Policy for further info on school admission or contact hello@staudoens.ie

    Please also note:

    • Withholding information regarding your child’s developmental or educational needs may result in your child’s needs not being met in this service. Please enclose any relevant reports or documents regarding the above.
    • Your child may be photographed and/or pictured during their time in this service. Please note this is done strictly in line with our Child Protection Policy & GDPR Policy. If you would like to withdraw consent, please contact the service supervisor.
    • First Aid may be administered when necessary.
    • Child Protection Guidelines will be adhered to at all times.
    • From time to time children are taken on short excursions and walks to broaden their educational experiences.