Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Programme in St Audoen’s NS


The evidence based Incredible Years Programme (in association with the School Completion Programme) aims to improve social and emotional competencies among children and improving school readiness. The Incredible Years Programme contains three separate training programmes for teachers, children and parents.

In St Audoen’s we focus on promoting children’s pro-social behaviours, reducing classroom aggression and non-cooperation with peers and teachers. We place huge emphaiss on encouragement, praise, motivating children through incentives, preventing behaviour problems, decreasing students’ inappropriate behaviours and building positive relationships with students.

Dina School

Dina School is the children’s programme running in St Audoen’s NS in association with the School Completion staff. Dina School strengthens children’s social, emotional and academic competencies such as understanding and communicating feelings, using effective problem solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendship and conversational skills, as well as appropriate classroom behaviours.



Parent Programme

The Incredible Years parent training intervention is a series of programmes (approx 12 weeks) focused on strengthening parenting competencies (monitoring, positive discipline, confidence) and fostering parents’ involvement in children’s school experiences in order to promote children’s academic, social and emotional competencies and reduce conduct problems. Please contact Ms Dempsey our HSCL Teacher for more info or if you are interested in this course.