Admission Policy

The Board of Management of St Audoen’s National School hereby sets out its enrolment and Admission Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998 and the Board trusts that by so doing, parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters. The Chairperson of the Board of Management or the Principal Teacher will be happy to clarify any matters arising from this policy. Decisions in relation to applications for admission are made by the Board of Management of the school.

At present, the teaching staff is comprised of the Principal, Class Teachers, Special Class Teachers, Resource Teacher, Shared Resource Teacher, HSCL Teacher, Learning Support Teacher and eight Special Needs Assistants.

Class starts at 8.50 a.m. and finishes at 2.30 p.m.

Infant Classes finish at 1.30 p.m.



This policy aims to ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place to enable the school

  • To make decisions on all applications in an open and transparent manner consistent with the Ethos, the Mission Statement of the school and legislative requirements
  • To make an accurate and appropriate assessment of the capacity of the school to cater for the needs of applicants in the light of the resources available to it and
  • To put in place a framework which will ensure effective and productive relations between students, parents and teachers where a student is admitted to the school



The school shall have in place appropriate channels of communication and procedures

  • To inform parents about the school, it’s programmes, activities, and procedures
  • To enable applications for admission to the school to be handled in an open, transparent manner
  • To put in place criteria under which applications shall be considered
  • To ensure that these criteria are informed by our Ethos, our Mission Statement & current legislation
  • To specify what information is required by the school at the time of application


Context, Resources, School Organisation & Curriculum

The school supports the principle of equality for all students regarding access to and participation in the school.

The school respects the diversity of traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life in society.

The school acknowledges the right of parents to send their children to a school of the parent’s choice, subject to the resources available to the school including classroom accommodation, class size, teaching resources and financial resources and subject to the capacity of the school to provide for the needs of any applicant or student. It will make every effort to secure those resources – where the resources cannot be secured the school may refuse admission.

The school is staffed in accordance with the DEIS (band 1) pupil – teacher ratios sanctioned by the Department and any additional teaching hours sanctioned by the Department in respect of curricular concessions, special needs, special programmes etc.

The capacity of the school to implement its desired curriculum, its broad range of educational programmes, its breadth of extra-curricular activities, its school plan and policies are dependent on the resources it receives.  Consequently, in determining its activities and programme for any school year the school must have due regard to the teaching, management and administrative resources and the accommodation, equipment and funding available to it.


Roles and responsibilities in developing and implementing this policy:


Roles of Board of Management

  • To ensure that a policy is in place and that it is reviewed
  • To appraise this policy with regard to its suitability and the effectiveness of its implementations and to make recommendations for improvement where appropriate.
  • To decide on appeals by parents or students with respect to any decision(s) made by the Principal/Board.
  • To prepare (and submit to the Education Welfare Board) a statement of Strategies regarding Attendance.  The Statement of Strategy will have regard to guidelines issued by the Education Welfare Board and will set out the measures the Board of Management proposes to adopt
  1. For the purposes of fostering and appreciation of learning among students attending the school and
  2. Encouraging regular attendance at the school on the part of all students



Role of the Principal

  • To ensure a register of all students attending the school is established and maintained.
  • To ensure that a record of attendance or non-attendance is maintained for each student registered at this school and, in the case of non-attendance, the reason for same
  • Prior to registering a child, to provide the parents of an applicant with a copy of the school’s Code of Behaviour and ensure that the parent confirm in writing their acceptance of the Code of an assurance that they shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with the Code by the child
  • To provide, on request, to any parent of a child registered in the school with a copy of the Code of Behaviour.


Role of Teaching staff


  • To co-operate with the implementation of this policy
  • To take the needs of all students into account in the way in which they select textbooks, plan and teach their lessons and conduct assessments
  • To bring concerns about Special Needs curricular matters and information to the attention of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Special Needs Teacher
  • To keep parents informed through the regular Parent / Teacher Meetings and School Reports and by meeting parents from time to time as required.


Role of Parents

  • To support the policy and to co-operate fully with the school in its implementation
  • To bring to the attention of the school authorities any concern they may have in relation to the school’s provision for the educational needs of their child



Policy Considerations


The Board of Management of St Audoen’s National School reserves the right of admission if such admissions contravene Departmental guidelines on class size, etc. The school will not refuse a child on the basis of ethnicity, special education needs, disability, traveller status, refugee status, political or religious beliefs, family or social circumstances, provided the necessary supports are in place in the school.


The Board of Management of St Audoen’s National School, respects the rights of the existing school community and the children already enrolled. Consequently, the Board of Management reserves the right to determine the maximum number of children in each class, bearing in mind:

  • Integration of children from special Classes to Mainstream Classes
  • Health & Safety Concerns regarding Staff and Children
  • Available classroom space
  • Educational needs of the children
  • Presence of children with special needs
  • Department of Education & Science class size directives
  • Appropriate Supports and Resources are available
  • Time of school year




Junior Infant Admission Procedure


The registration process is initiated on receipt by the school of a fully completed application form. This form must be signed and dated by one or both parents or guardians.

Telephone calls or personal school visits concerning enrolment will be facilitated, but are not in themselves enrolment applications.


Date of application, child’s date of birth and copy of birth cert, address and telephone contact number must be provided for entry into the School Record of Applications File.


Entry in the School Record of Applications File means that an application will be considered in February/March of the relevant enrolment year, and will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria outlined in this policy.


Following this evaluation, the Principal will make a recommendation to the Board, listing proposed enrolments for the forthcoming year. Once an enrolment list is approved by the Board, all applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome, and if refused admission will be notified of their entitlement to appeal under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998.



Please note:


Applications for admission to Junior Infant Class must be made by December 20th of the year prior to which it is expected that the child will start school.

For example; Applications for Junior Infants for the Academic Year 2018/2019 should be on or before December 20th 2018. Any applications after this date will be accepted and filed in the School


Record of Applications File but may only be included if places are still available following the initial criteria.


Children must be at least four years of age on school commencement.

The recommended class size in St Audoen’s NS is 22:1.

This will be adhered to in so far as possible, maximum class size being 25.


Junior Infant Applications will be accepted any number of years in advance of admission but does not guarantee admission. Priority criteria will be applied.


 Junior Infant Admission Criteria


If the number of children on the List of Applicants exceeds the number of places available, the following prioritising criteria are used:



(a)Children attending St Audoen’s Pre School.

(b)Brothers and sisters of children already in the school or who have attended the school in the past.


(a)Children of parents who are past pupils of the school

(b)Children of current teaching staff.


3. If places are still available then places will be allocated on the basis of age, starting with the oldest applicant whose applications were made prior to the advised application date: December 20th of the year previous.


If the class is oversubscribed within the application of this particular criterion, then those whose primary residence is furthest from the school will be eliminated first.



If space is still available, class numbers are completed from the full List of Applicants, which is compiled and ordered according to the date of the original application.  The criteria are listed in order of priority when spaces are allocated under criterion 1 and space is still available, then criterion 2 comes into play and so on.  This prioritisation proceeds until all places have been allocated.





Applications for Classes for SI – 6th will be held for a maximum of two years, thereafter, if a place has not become available, parents/guardians must re-apply or notify the school in writing of their wish to continue with said application.



Admission to SI – 6th Classes




1. Priority is given to:

(a)brothers and sisters of children currently in the school

(b) siblings of those who have attended the school in the past.


2. Families whose primary residence is in the immediate area of Cook Street, starting closest to the school and radiating outwards from the school.


3. Children of current teaching staff.


4. Children of parents who are past pupils of the school.



The Enrolment of Children with Special Needs

  • Children with special needs will be resourced in accordance with the level of resources provided by the Department of Education and Science to the Board of Management, their parents/guardians must provide the school with the report of an educational psychologist which recommends placement in a school like ours before registration can take place.
  • The Department of Education and Science may recommend that pupils with special needs attend our resource teacher for a specified time per week. They might also allocate a special needs assistant for the child.
  • Notwithstanding the availability of such resources, parents of children who are unsatisfied with the level of educational provision in our school are advised to consider a special school is designed and resourced to specifically to cater for the needs of children with special educational needs.


The Enrolment of Children in the Special Class for Children with Autism

  • Each child must have a referral from appropriate services.
  • Each child must have a full current Psychological & Cognitive Assessment which must specify ‘Autism’.
  • Each child must fall within the mild range or higher general intellectual disability.
  • The parents/guardians must fill in and return a School Enrolment/Application form.
  • All relevant reports and assessments must be given to the school prior to the child
  • The Board of Management policy states that the school at present can accommodate a maximum of class for children with Autism.
  • The Department of Education & Science states that the ratio for each class is a maximum six pupils to one teacher.
  • This policy states that the parents/guardians of the prospective candidates for the class must meet the principal, the class teacher and any other relevant parties before the child starts school.
  • The classes cater for children of Primary School age only – i.e. four years to thirteen years.

Special Class Integration & Discharge Considerations:

The school promotes a policy of integration with age appropriate peers, on a social level and ability appropriate curriculum level. It may not always be possible to integrate children in their age equivalent class due to the age profile of the children.

The level of integration/reverse integration that each child receives in St. Audoen’s National School is collectively decided upon by those professionals who deal with the child each day; both support teachers and mainstream teachers and the principal.

The views of other interested parties such as Psychologists, Speech Therapists and Occupational therapists will be taken into account when making these decisions. Parents will be consulted on an ongoing basis and their feedback will play an integral part in deciding upon the appropriate level of integration.

Pupils who are fully integrated into mainstream are discharged with their class groups. Discharge from an ASD Class may also occur if the school authorities and relevant professionals, in consultation with parents/guardians, feel that the child’s special class placement is no longer appropriate.


Please note that fulfilling the admission criteria does not necessarily ensure enrolment if sufficient places are not available and/or sufficient classroom space is not available. The Board of Management policy states that the school at present can accommodate a maximum of two classes for children with Autism. The Department of Education & Skills states that the ratio for each class is a maximum six pupils to one teacher.

  • This policy states that the parents/guardians of the prospective candidates for the class must meet the principal, the class teacher and any other relevant parties before the child starts school.
  • The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse enrolment if they believe the school cannot meet the needs of a particular child.
  • The Board also reserves the right to suspend or expel a child under ‘Health & Safety’ regulations and in conjunction with the school ‘Code of Behaviour’


Admission Refusal

The BOM reserves the right to refuse enrolment/admission to any student where either –

  • The student has special needs such that even with additional resources available from the Department of Education & Skills and/or the Department of Health, the school cannot meet such needs and/or provide the student with an appropriate education.
  • The school endeavours to support each child on an individual basis and ensure that it is an appropriate school placement for the child. However, if it is the opinion of the Board of Management that the student poses an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of other students, to school staff or to school property, a decision may be made not to enrol the child and/or to exclude the child from the school.

Suspension & Expulsion

  • The Board reserves the right to suspend or expel a child under Health & Safety regulations and in conjunction with the school Code of Behaviour.
  • All placements are subject to review at the request of the parents and/or the school. The review will include input from relevant services, the parents/guardians and the school. Following the review, a recommendation may be made that the child be enrolled in a school that can meet his/her needs.


Monitoring Procedures

The implementations of this policy will be monitored by the Board of Management at the appropriate time.  It will also be referred by the Principal for consideration by the full staff at the same time.  The Principal will report to the Board of Management regarding the process of enrolment in December each year and regularly thereafter until enrolment is complete.  Where the Principal refuses admission to any applicant, by the authority delegated to him/her by the Board in line with this policy, any such refusal shall be communicated to the Board at the earliest opportunity.



Next review of this policy will occur before or during the school year 2018/19


Please Note: Receipt of acknowledgement of an admision application form by the school does not constitute an offer of a place nor does it guarantee a place in the school. It is simply the recording of an application for admission to our school. Decisions in relation to applications for admission are made by the Principal/Board of Management in accordance with our Admission Policy.