Our Kitchen Relaunch with JPC 2019

Our Kitchen Relaunch with JPC 2019

On Friday June 21st 2019 we welcomed our Lord Mayor Mr Paul McAuliffe and Managing Director of John Paul Construction Eamon Booth, along with a number of the JPC team, Ken Rooney, Niall O’Connor, Michael Kelly and David Kelly to St Audoen’s NS.

In April 2019 JPC undertook the huge task of rebuilding and refurbishing our school kitchen. Ken Rooney became a regular feature in our school, he considered what we needed and visited the Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs to really gain an understanding of our school life. He met Stevo, Sandra, Harry and Joseph; who are integral to our school.

Our kitchen has always been a special place. A busy room, a noisy room sometimes chaotic but full of love. Our new kitchen is still full of love, still busy, still noisy but not so chaotic, much more ordered and much more colorful. Our kitchen serves an extremely important purpose, first and foremost to provide nutritious meals to our 197 students, breakfast, soup and dinner after school. Not only that but it provides the space for cooking classes, parents classes and much much more.

We could never have managed something like this with John Paul construction. We are so proud of our new space and so proud that JPC chose to put their faith and their belief in us and our project. We had a wonderful celebration on Friday and thank our Lord Mayor and Eamon Booth for joining us.


A number of local businesses and people offered us support for this project and we are also so grateful. Not only have we a new kitchen but we also have it fully stocked with new delph, cutlery and appliances to serve the whole student body.


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