Carol Singing in ByrneWallace 2014

Carol Singing in ByrneWallace 2014

On Wednesday December 17th our Choir went to visit all the staff in ByrneWallace Law Firm on Harcourt Street. This is a long standing Christmas tradition and the boys and girls love singing to brighten up the office lunch break.

Our guitar club joined us this year, to show the guys how much they have progressed at their guitar lessons, ByrneWallace presented us with beautiful new guitars last Christmas so we had to impress! With the help of Sarah Joy, Ms Dempsey and Catherine Dunphy the boys and girls lifted the roof and sang their hearts out (especially for the favourite; Let it Go….Frozen!)

We had a great afternoon and were spoiled with treats and hot chocolate afterwards! Thanks to all in ByrneWallace in particular our friends, Catherine, Louise and Norma.

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