Well Done Emma!

Well Done Emma!
In January schools were invited to take part in the Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin. As part of the festivities children had to create a piece of artwork based on a poem by the famous Russian children’s poet Sergey Mikhalkov called “The Picture”.
Emma’s picture was chosen in third place overall  in the competition. Over the Easter break she attended a ceremony in The Mansion House in Dublin, where she received her award from The Lord Mayor Christie Burke. We’re all very proud of her here in St Audoen’s and especially in Room 8. Well done Emma!
(by Sergey Mikhalkov)
I’ll go and take my pencilbox
And draw a highway. Now
Upon the road I’ll draw a bull
And by its side a cow.

I’ll draw an orchard by the road
And then I’ll draw a shower
To help my chubby apples grow
Bigger every hour.

The bull, I think, I’ll colour pink
With yellow for the sand.
Above them clouds in fluffy crowds
Like flocks of sheep will stand.

I’ll poke an arrow through a cloud
To be a flash of lightning.
Now fancy thunder’s roaring loud:
The picture’s almost frightening.

I’ll cross the apples out with black,
Which is supposed to mean,
The wind has shaken them all off,
As if they’d never been.

I’ll take a ball-pen after that
And let it rain still harder
But now it must be dinner-time.
What is there in the larder?

I’ll stand a stool upon the desk,
Make sure it shouldn’t fall,
Then take the picture, good or bad,
And pin it on the wall.




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