St Audoens Children Involved In Irish Music Documentary

St Audoens Children Involved In Irish Music Documentary

In 2017 the Irish musicians Greg Clifford and Ian N Brennan came into St Audoen’s National School to run a music workshop with some of the classes. At the time the guys were touring on the first ever independent led tour of Irish musicians in this country. In the words of both musicians, they fell in love with the school and its ethos, and felt that the children were absolutely incredible to work with. They both felt that the experience was incredibly rewarding and immediacy asked if they could return again for another workshop.



Since finishing their tour the footage of it has been put together in a music documentary called Back To Basis. The guys loved their time with our school so much that they asked if the footage shot here could be used in the documentary. The documentary airs in The Sugar Club next month, before moving down to Galway and then onto the film festival circuit.


Here is the footage from our wonderful children showing just why this school is so special and why we’re so proud of them. Just click on the link below to view.


St Audoen’s Children in the Back To Basics music documentary




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