Science in Room 4

Science in Room 4

We were very excited today in Room 4 to welcome Pat Collins; a scientist to our class.

Pat did some very exciting and interesting experiments with us. The first experiment was about volcanoes and we talked about different volcanoes around the world and then we decided to make our own. We got our materials ready and talked through our method, discussing any predictions we had. Then we mixed together our materials, which included bread soda, vinegar and food dye and we observed what was to happen. We saw how the base in the bread soda reacted with the acidity in the vinegar to create our very own eruption! We learned that this is an example of a chemical reaction.

Then Pat did another experiment with us. Firstly, he asked us had we ever seen a scream. Well, in Room 4 we have heard a scream before but we came to the conclusion that we had never actually seen a scream, until today! We observed how noise travels when we hummed close to a bowl that was sealed with cling film that had sprinkles on top. We spotted the sprinkles moving and we learned that this was because of the vibrations our voice made. It was great.

We were delighted that Pat visited us today. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about science and the world around us. We are excited to try some of these experiments again at home to show our family and friends. We are very looking forward to testing new experiments and even joining the Science Club next year in St. Audoen’s. Thanks for visiting Pat!


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