Our Shoebox Theatres

Our Shoebox Theatres

4th Class have been busy in the last week creating theatres using shoeboxes.  We created the front of our theatre by outlining the stage area and curtains in pencil. Next we cut out the rectangular hole for the performance space inside the box. Then we used PVA glue to stick newspaper around the facades of the shoe-box, this was to make it easier to draw and paint on. After that we designed intricate columns and  curtains around the open stage; we used black marker to highlight these features and then carefully painted it.


We then left the shoeboxes to dry for a day so in the meantime we came up with story ideas for our puppet show. The pupils worked together on a script using the features of script writing to create characters, scenes and a story for their show. We hope to put the finishing touches to our theatres and puppets next week. Stay tuned for a video of our performances!!



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