Our Caterpillar to Butterfly Blog!

Our Caterpillar to Butterfly Blog!


Day 1:

On Monday May 18th our Caterpillars arrived in school. They are busy moving around their new homes and eating nutritious food!

In about 7 -14 days they will begin the next stage of development and become Crysalides.

Day 7:

Look how much they have grown in one week! Our caterpillars have been so busy eating!


Day 14:

Our caterpillars are now almost ready to begin making their cocoons. They have gobbled up all of their food and are beginning to make their way to the top of the jars. Look how big they have grown!


Day 17:

Our caterpillars are now completely in their cocoons and have been transferred to their hatching net. We are watching closely everyday for beautiful butterflies to emerge!


Day 30:

They have emerged!! We have beautiful butterflies! We fed them lots of fruit for a few days to prepare them for their first flight! On Friday June 19th we released them into our school garden into the summer sunshine!




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