Maths for Fun in Room 3

Maths for Fun in Room 3

We’ve been very busy mathematicians in 1st Class this term with our Maths for Fun hour. Each Tuesday afternoon for 6 weeks, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our fantastic parent volunteers and their exciting maths games. During our Maths for Fun hour…we added, we subtracted, we talked the language of maths, we took turns but most of all…we had fun!

The Maths For Fun programme is a great opportunity for our parents to become involved and experience classroom life in St. Audoen’s, as they support our enthusiastic mathematicians in a fun and sociable setting. Our lively Maths for Fun hour consisted of small groups of children playing maths games with an adult at different stations within the class.

Whilst our overall aim is to afford the children the opportunity to apply their maths strategies in a fun and positive atmosphere, we are also focusing on the development of essential life skills including collaboration and co-operation.

Many thanks to our teacher, Ms O’Callaghan, and our fantastic parent volunteers, Marie, Szymon, Anita, Michelle, Rachel, Rahaa and Shuree for giving their time to join us in another successful run of Maths for Fun in 1st Class.

For more information regarding Maths For Fun in St. Audoen’s contact Ms O’Callaghan in Room 3 or our HSCL teacher Ms Dempsey.



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