Creative Arts Week

Creative Arts Week

Well done to all the boys and girls who took part in the Creative Arts Week and sent in their work on Seesaw and Aladdin. Your teachers were very impressed with the ingenuity and imagination on display. We had a wide range of art lessons this week including: self-portraits, colour wheels, drawing, homemade robots, making playdough and creating online songs.

Song maker is a fun music creating app on Google Chrome. Below are Kacper and Daniel Bayan’s creative pieces.

Kacper’s song

Daniel’s song

Here are the artists of the week:

Ryan Abdelrazek – Room 1

Daniel Bayan and Parker Carr Delaney -Room 2

Shane Doyle and Daniel Sola – Room 6

Joseph Abdelrazek and Ziqi Lin – Room 7

Kacper Pigula – Room 8

Yasmine and Yousef – Room 9

Have a look at their creative work below:


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