St Audoen’s Church Visit

St Audoen's Church Visit

On Tuesday we were given a tour of St. Audoen’s Church. We learned all about the history of the church, how it was during the time of The Vikings and The Normans and what type of ceremonies took place there.


Our tour guide was Joseph. He was very kind and answered all of our questions.



Here we saw how the has church changed over the ages.

image image

We studied evidence from the past. We saw old Viking combs, some of the original floor tiles and parts of some of the pottery they used.


This is a tomb of a husband and wife who would have been very important people at the time. You can tell this from the fact that they are lying on pillows, which only rich people would have been able to afford.


The children look into the Bell Tower. St. Audoen’s Church has some of the oldest church bells in the country.

Overall we had a wonderful day out and we’d like to thank the staff of St. Audoen’s Church & Visitor Centre for showing us a part of our local history.


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