Student Anti-Bullying Survey 2017

Student Anti-Bullying Survey 2017

Earlier in the year our Anti-bullying Ambassadors Nicole and Piotr conducted an online survey with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class. This survey was carried out to gain an insight into the experiences the pupils of St. Audoen’s have had with bullying.

It was an anonymous survey and the results confirmed what we had hoped and expected: the majority of our pupils have not experienced bullying while in school; they mentioned they felt safe and welcome.. Also evident from the survey was the empathy our students have for each other , it was clear from their answers that they will not stand by and watch if they feel someone is being bullied. The children will work together to stand up to bullies.

Well done Nicole and Piotr, you should be so proud of your work and research and thanks to Mr Doherty for helping them with their survey.



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