Our Shoeboxes for Team Hope!

Our Shoeboxes for Team Hope!

During the last few weeks, we were all very busy filling Christmas Shoeboxes on behalf of Team Hope, to send to many children in Eastern Europe and Africa. St Audoen’s help every year with this charity.

It is important also that our students understand Gratitude;  appreciate how much they have and to think of other children whom have very, very little. Our boxes were filled up with lots of lovely things. Items to wash with, write with, wear and of course a wow factor, like a few toys! We CAN’T WAIT to see the reaction of the children when they open up our boxes this Christmas!

We would like to thank all of our generous families for donating, it is wonderful to see such Christmas Spirit. Also huge thanks to Louise Coleman for organising everything! Here are some of her helpers below..




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