Science Gallery Visit For Maths Week

Science Gallery Visit For Maths Week



For maths week were were able to visit The Science Gallery in Trinity College. Ten students from Third and Fourth class attended. The exhibition was on secrets and we learned all about how science helps us keep our own secrets, or break into a secret that belongs to someone else!!!




We saw a material that is being made for celebrities that fully reflect the flash so that it blacks out everything else in the photo, leaving the person anonymous.



Here’s Chloe in a photo without a flash.


Here’s the same photo with a flash.

 Science G2Here’s Dino wearing a reflect-able scarf


Evan is in “A heaven for Scientists”.


The girls are stopping the music playing through the amp by stopping the light transmiting the signal.


Robyn wants to buy one of these businesses in the Cayman Islands for 99c. Of course Robyn was more interested in the value of what the company did rather than the fact that the Cayman Island’s are a tax haven!



The children changed into computer pixels. You could still hear them though.


Here was a phone that let you choose what mood you wanted the person on the other end of the line to be in. “If you want to hear a happy person please press 1 after the tone” *BEEEP*


These look like normal A4 writing pads but if you use a high powered microscope you can see that the lines on the page are actually people’s names. This is where the real spies hang out.


Of course the children got to take some spy pages back home with them too.


This is Jamie and Chloe looking into the darkest material on Earth. Scientists hope that this will help us look into the furthest parts of the Universe.


Karl and Robyn are looking at a spy walnut. American scientists placed spying devices into walnuts and then trained squirrels to bury the walnuts close to their enemies.

Overall we had a great day out. Many thanks to The Science Gallery for a wonderful tour. We learned so much and some of us had the best day of our lives!!!


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