Pizza Making with 5th Class

Pizza Making with 5th Class

During the week 5th Class had a great pizza making experience in Milano’s restaurant on Dawson Street. We had the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and learn how to make tasty margherita pizzas from scratch. This was an excellent hands on lesson in cooking.

We learned how to knead the dough and create the base for the pizza. After that we were ready to add our tomato sauce by spreading it out evenly in a circular clockwise motion with a spoon. Once in the pan we added our mozzarella. Then into the oven for 10 minutes. Lastly, all that was left to do was enjoy the pizzas in the park!

Overall, lots of new skills were learned. We experienced how a restaurant kitchen operates, and most importantly, that pizzas definitely taste better when you make them yourself! Mr Davern and Mr Finan were very impressed with the listening and attitude shown by all the students.




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