BullyBug unveiling at the Web Summit 2015

BullyBug unveiling at the Web Summit 2015

 ‘BullyBug’  a wearable technology wristband created to prevent bullying.

Designed and created in St Audoen’s NS by: Katelyn O’Connell Magee, Chloe Long, Ben Hughes, Nadine Costello and Daniel McCann, the BullyBug is a wearable technology wristband created by kids for kids. It consists of a wristband, which when pressed, sends a message (via Bluetooth) to an app on a teacher’s phone/tablet.

Find out more here: The BullyBug 

RTE News 3/11/2015: RTE BullyBug Report

Find out more at: www.bullybug.org

We are so proud of the BullyBug Team and hope that they really enjoy this wonderful launch experience at the Web Summit tonight. The school extends huge thanks to Graham and Clodagh from Solas Project (Solas Project initiative that partners primary schools with local businesses) and to Pat, Chris and Laurence, their mentors from Boys and Girls who have been so generous with their time and enthusiasm. Together they developed a working prototype of the BullyBug, which will have its official unveiling at Web Summit on Tuesday, November 3rd on the Centre Stage at 8.10pm.

Commenting on the BullyBug, Professor Mona O’Moore, founder and coordinator of the Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC) in Trinity College said, “I think the BullyBug is terrific. It’s got huge potential because the biggest nut we have to crack is reporting…the BullyBug wristband would have, I predict, a significant impact on the level of reporting.”

We love to see our students using their own creativity and clever minds to find solutions to problems that affect our society. We work hard in St Audoen’s to develop our student’s emotional intelligence. The efforts of the BullyBug Team to discriminate between different feelings, label them appropriately and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour is admirable and a lesson to all of us adults – children are incredible thinkers and have so much to offer society.

Well done Katelyn, Chloe, Nadine, Daniel and Ben; we are so proud of you!

Bully Bug. Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX




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